Valerie Cannistraro

Valerie is BLACK LABEL’s real estate specialist in Boulder County focusing on investment acquisitions, commercial leasing, land development and urban infill.  She has enjoyed living in Colorado for over 40 years and in Boulder County for over 27 years.  Valerie is proud of her Colombian ancestry and knows how to identify and address the needs of international and domestic investors.  Valerie’s family created wealth and financial stability through real estate investing which, for Valerie, created a love and passion for real estate since her childhood.   

Valerie creates solid connections with her clients through honesty, integrity, creativity, perseverance and an attention to detail.   

As a real estate investor herself, Valerie owns and manages numerous residential and commercial properties in the Denver metro area – this has given her extensive insight into the opportunities and obstacles to investing.  She has a passion for helping others find their own income producing properties to create cash flow, generational wealth, and fulfillment. 

David Brand

David Brand is an ardent career entrepreneur who has owned and operated real estate, manufacturing, product development, and sales and marketing companies.  He concentrates on investing, building and/or partnering with other entrepreneurs in businesses with emerging and disruptive technologies, sustainable energy solutions and compelling real estate opportunities.

David is a natural networker who develops relationships by adding value to the lives and businesses of others.  Over the years, this special approach has produced genuine associations with a myriad of influential C-level executives and entrepreneurs who share similar values.

Earlier in his career, David attained professional licenses in the areas of securities and insurance.  David served as a financial advisor with Allmerica Financial Corporation which later became CommonWealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company, a Goldman Sachs company.  Mr. Brand graduated, with honors, from the University of Florida and received a B.A. degree in finance with a minor in economics.

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Mark Brand

Mark Brand has a background in community leadership with his former work in medical services and saving lives. In 2015, after fifteen years as a trusted medical professional, he has evolved to a career in real estate, with which he continues to serve the communities in which we live and work with a continued emphasis of enhancing the lives of others. Mr. Brand serves both the residential and commercial side of the real estate spectrum. Mr. Brand leads a residential team which delivers service in the Front Range from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, while his commercial focus specializes in industrial development.

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Becky Goodgain

Becky Goodgain has years of experience in the business of sales and negotiation and reputable customer service. She has spent 16 years in high volume sales, finance management and sales management. Mrs. Goodgain has managed over 20 sales people while doubling sales results and more than tripled gross sales to over $3.4 million. As a part of the BLACK LABEL Team Mrs. Goodgain provides both residential and commercial services to buyers and sellers as well as commercial investors. Mrs. Goodgain manages a residential sales team with a particular focus on the southeast metro area.

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Kimberly Taylor-Coble

Kimberly is BLACK LABEL’s strategic advisor with a primary focus on maintaining the firm’s high standard of customer service and operational consistency.  With over 26 years of C-Suite experience ranging from small businesses to $14 billion international organizations, Kimberly’s oversight helps BLACK LABEL continue to aspire to and improve toward our goals.  Kimberly additionally manages all accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as managing and standardizing all firm travel and marketing efforts.

Chris Coble

Chris Coble has a diverse background of experience in real estate development, transit oriented development (T.O.D.), corporate real estate and economic development. A former appointee of Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, Mr. Coble also led the transit oriented development department for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) in Denver and is considered an expert in TOD. In the private sector, Mr. Coble managed a corporate portfolio of over 2 million square feet valued at over $15 million; spear-headed an urban land transaction practice at CBRE focused on transit-served properties, and; served as the Managing Member of Alliance Development Solutions (ADS) providing management of development projects as well as development services to a myriad of clients.

In 2010, Mr. Coble launched BLACK LABEL, a Denver based urban commercial and residential brokerage and consulting firm. BLACK LABEL is a unique company that creates opportunities by delivering an experience first with top-notch transaction services that follow.

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